Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I can do anything...

So sometime in the middle of the night I realized I can start doing all the things I've always wanted to do. There is nothing to wait for! I still can't get over how quickly my life is changing and how I just feel so different. July 15th and 16th I went to this amazing Healing and Wholeness Retreat up at Sundance. It was put on by Utah Natural Health. The founder and director of Utah Natural Health is Staci Sadler, an amazing woman who is so full of gifts and talents. She has an awesome business called Soul Integrity, check it out! I highly recommend her aura-personality consultations! The retreat was everything I could have hoped for and needed. I can't wait for the next one! It helped confirm for me the path I know I should be on. (More about that later!) But as I have started planning my own retreat, called Journey to Wellness, (see post below) I have realized how capable I am and have become aware of all that I have to give.
   I turned 40 in May and it was the first birthday that hasn't settled well with me, which was a surprise because age has never mattered to me before. But yesterday I decided and saw that 40 is going to be my year! This is the year that I am really coming into myself. I can feel that. I can feel myself becoming more grounded and settling into the person I have always wanted and am meant to be. It feels amazing! I have so many ideas that are spinning through my mind. Things I have wanted to do, but never did, for whatever reason. I am so excited to begin doing these things...more to come soon!

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