Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Art Journal Prompt #5

OK, this week's prompt is "Found Object(s)"
Use any item(s) you might find laying around not in your own home. Glue, tape, tie, sew or modge podge them into your page. The page can be about anything you want!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My pages for prompts 1-4

Prompt #1 - "Your Initial" This art journal is just a composition book you can get for about $1, or even cheaper at back to school time. I used a combination of rub-ons, stickers and ink.

Prompt #2 - "What are you really hungry for?" These are little mini file folders and I have the tabs labeled with the things I really want. I hadn't added the front one, "Peace of Mind," and then I realized that, that is what I REALLY want. It is often the reason I eat...to quiet the anxiety. But of course it isn't lasting and causes me more anxiety in the end. (In side the file folders I'm going to add little slips of paper where I will write more about each one.)
Prompt #3 - "Your Mood" I had started this one a while back with a prompt from another site that was, "Ephemera from your week." I covered the pages with a sheet from the LUSH catalog that I had received that week. You can see it lightly coming through the paint. I also had an empty package from my Lexapro. I instantly had the idea to fill it with tiny beads and I love how it turned out! I hadn't done any writing on it and wasn't sure what else I wanted to do with it, so when I went to do my "mood" page I thought this would be perfect!
It has a hidden little flap!
Prompt #4 - Spring

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Journal Prompt #4 and Free Goodies!!

OK art journalers, lets get movin'!! I've been slacking on the prompts, but mostly because I knew no one was using them! So, I have a bribe!!! Whoever will send me pictures of their pages from prompts one, two and three by April 1st, will get a goodie bag with supplies to use in your journals! So get to it!

Prompt #4 --SPRING
Nice and easy. Have fun!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Recent Art Journal Pages

I have been doing several pages to help with therapy lately. This one is simple, but effective and necessary! The borders are rub-ons, the stop sign is scrapbook paper and the black letters are chipboard with glitter. I accidentally got white paint across them and some pink paint at the top, but it just adds to it.
This is the last page I worked and I absolutely LOVE it!! I love the colors and I love the message (that I desperately need to believe) and I love the picture that was on the front of a card my mom got from an insurance company!
This page was using one of the prompts I had gotten from Emily's site- "Note to self." (it was from prompts she did 2 years ago. She actually started new ones this year, so hp over there for more ideas!)
This is one I did at the end of December. There is writing on there too, that you can't really see inthe pic. I'm just trying to show you different styles of pages.

I actually AM still alive!

Hello, hello! I'm still here! For those of you who did not know, back in January I ran off to California for a couple weeks. I had had a realle emotionally difficult week and one night I got on Facebook and a friend had mentioned it was in the 80s!! That did it. I had been dreaming about a tropical vacation for months and decided this was the closest I was going to get. So the next day I packed up my car and my dog and off I went!! I didn't tell my family until I got there! My friends were kind enough to take me in with less than 12 hours notice!

Some may not know that I am from Orange County, so I have lots of dear friends to visit there! I REALLY needed it. I had also REALLY been missing California the last year. Not just the beach and my friends, but everything about it! My friends were good enought to go with me to all the places I wanted to revisit, much of which was delicious food!! AND, I finally got to go to a LUSH store!! I took my camera with me to California, but did exactly what I always do and was too lazy to take any pictures. Luckily my friend, Dina who is a professional photographer, had her camera with her whenever we were together. So those are the things I have pictures of. Check out her website at dinalovephotography.blogspot.com.
I have to say that going to LUSH was a bit anti-climatic. It was quite small compared to many I had seen online and I decided I have pretty much everything I actually like! They were having a huge soap sale, so they were out of many of them that I wanted to smell. We got great the equivalent of a facial for our hands. It was lovely but just too much to buy all the products. I was disappointed that she was stingy about giving samples of things. That's one of the reasons I was so excited to go, because I had heard they were really good about that, but the sales girl was not about to give me anything. It was still fun to see and I got a couple small things.

One of the things I experienced from the time I drove into Orange County was that I was IN LOVE with the palm trees!! Really. I got so much joy from them I can't even explain! They're just such a huge part of Southern California and memories of my life there.
This is at some of the Laguna tide pools with Dina and her kids. So nice to be at the beach! My first day there I had taken Petey to the dog beach, but he was NOT a fan!! The waves were too loud and one got him, so he was traumatized! Also, the first he said hello to, snapped at him!

I love poking the sea anemones. I like there texture and the way they feel when the close around your fingers!
While I was there I also enjoyed going to the swap meet, tanning at my friend's salon and going shopping with her in downtown LA for jewelry and purses for her boutique, farmer's markets, and spending time with all my lovely friends and eating, eating, eating!!