Sunday, March 22, 2009

Journal Prompt #4 and Free Goodies!!

OK art journalers, lets get movin'!! I've been slacking on the prompts, but mostly because I knew no one was using them! So, I have a bribe!!! Whoever will send me pictures of their pages from prompts one, two and three by April 1st, will get a goodie bag with supplies to use in your journals! So get to it!

Prompt #4 --SPRING
Nice and easy. Have fun!!


jerseytjej said...

Visiting from the compostion group and you looked like you had a fab time in the OC! I miss the US and wish I could hear the ocean again...Looking forward to the prompts as I am going out for surgery and need to concentrate on journaling while I am bed ridden...Gina

Dina said...

Yippee, you're back!!! I don't care that nobody else is doing it...I am and that's all that matters...Right? I know! It's more fun with more!!!

Deanna said...

Hi Gina, Its nice to see you here. Thanks for coming to visit!

Hi Dina! I didn't think you were doing them anymore, so I thought I would try to motivate you!