Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My pages for prompts 1-4

Prompt #1 - "Your Initial" This art journal is just a composition book you can get for about $1, or even cheaper at back to school time. I used a combination of rub-ons, stickers and ink.

Prompt #2 - "What are you really hungry for?" These are little mini file folders and I have the tabs labeled with the things I really want. I hadn't added the front one, "Peace of Mind," and then I realized that, that is what I REALLY want. It is often the reason I eat...to quiet the anxiety. But of course it isn't lasting and causes me more anxiety in the end. (In side the file folders I'm going to add little slips of paper where I will write more about each one.)
Prompt #3 - "Your Mood" I had started this one a while back with a prompt from another site that was, "Ephemera from your week." I covered the pages with a sheet from the LUSH catalog that I had received that week. You can see it lightly coming through the paint. I also had an empty package from my Lexapro. I instantly had the idea to fill it with tiny beads and I love how it turned out! I hadn't done any writing on it and wasn't sure what else I wanted to do with it, so when I went to do my "mood" page I thought this would be perfect!
It has a hidden little flap!
Prompt #4 - Spring

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