Sunday, October 3, 2010

Got Sick and No Computer! : (

Okay, well of course right after I decided to recommit to my blog I got really sick and then our computer was having fits and now it's been taken away to get fixed! (I'm at my sister's at the moment.) I can't stand not having a computer. Facebook and YouTube are two of my guilty pleasures! I love watching art journal videos to get lots of fun knew ideas. While I have been sick this week I have been able to start working in my journals again, and oh how I have missed them! I feel very rusty and not fully authentic yet with my art, but I am trying to open up and start spilling onto the pages once again. Which brings me to...inviting you to join me once again in this fun and highly therapeutic activity! If you didn't join me the first time around, or if you didn't finish all the prompts I gave, go back and right them down and get started!! I hadn't done the last few of them, so I am going to go back and catch up as well. I'm hoping to do that and get them posted in the next week or so, then I will start posting new prompts. Please let me know if you have any questions about art journaling. The most important thing to know and remember is THERE ARE NO RULES!! (This is one of my favorite parts. As anyone who knows me, knows that I am not much of a rules girl. :)) Anyway, please join me, and if anyone would like to get together to make art together just let me know and we'll make a date. With all the many hobbies and passions that I have, I think they are twice as fun when you're doing them with a friend!

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