Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A last little bit of Halloween!

I just wanted to share a couple more Halloween things and then I'll be done!
These are the art journal pages I did on my fun-filled Halloween weekend when my friend from Arizona came up to surprise me! (It was actually a couple weeks before Halloween.)

I realized in the pictures of me dressed up as a witch, you could never get a look at my hat. I LOVE this hat! I think it may be my favorite witch hat ever!

This is my "Hocus Pocus" quilt. Its quite a masterpiece, TONS of work!!

I quilted each block to go with the specific applique in it. This one has potion bubbling out of the bottle.

You can see the spiderweb I quilted around the spider.
OK, I promise I'm done with Halloween now!


Dina said...

That quilt is incredible!!! I can't wait until you do Amy's, I know it will be just as amazing.

That witches hat is fantastic...I love it.

Amy Marble said...

That quilt is awesome. You are so talented!!