Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lush Report #2

Here are more things from Lush that I've tried and REALLY like!
This is the "Ma Bar Bubble Bar." You just break off a chunk and crumble it under the running water for nice rich toffee and chocolate scented bubbles. (It does turn the water a bit dirty looking, but smells great!)

This is the Godiva solid shampoo bar. It smells like jasmine and I have really enjoyed using it. You can buy these tins to keep them in, or if you buy two shampoos, you get a free tin.

This is their most popular soap called, "Honey I Washed the Kids." It smells like honey is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Contains Aloe Vera.

This looks black in this picture, but is actually a deep purple with glitter in it! It is their "Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly," and feels and jiggles just like Jello. It is made from seaweed and contains no gelatin. It is used a s a soap and is very fun and refreshing! This one smells quite sweet and grapey. You can see some better pictures at

This is the "MMM Melting Marshmallow Moments Bath Melt." As you can see it looks loke a cupcake and is about the same size. This, you also crumble under the running water but it just foams instead of bubbles. It melts and releases lots of moisturizers into the water. When I use this I don't need to use anything else on my skin to shave. It is very sweet smelling. (Almost a little too sweet for me.)
They're having a special right now, if you spend $50 you get a free gift. Check them out!

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