Monday, November 17, 2008

My own version of shower jelly.

Before I ordered my Lush, I was loving the idea of the shower jelly. I searched online and found a recipe. I made the version with the two packets of gelatin so that it would be firm enough to hold and use as is. (With the Lush version, many people pinch off a piece and smush it into a loofah because its hard to hold on to.) I think I may try using just one and a half packs next time and see how it works. You keep it in the fridge so when you use it is nice and cool and silky. I did not use the preservative and I have had the green one well over a month and it is still just fine!
I just found a new recipe that looks more like Lush's. Here is the link to it

Here is the recipe I used:
1/2 cup melted transparent pour and melt soap. You can also substitute the melt and pour for a liquid shower gel or bubble bath. (I didn't notice you could use liquid soap. I might try that to make it a little more jiggly!)

2 cups boiling water

1 envelope Knox brand unflavored gelatin

1/2 oz Germaben II (a preservative that prevents mold and available from many online supply companies). Only needed if you won't be using the bath jelly within a few weeks. A couple teaspoons of Vodka (yes, the kind you drink) will also help prevent mold and can be used instead of Germaben II.

1/4 to 1/2 ounce fragrance oil

Water based soap coloring

Several small containers, like empty yogurt containers, or plastic baby food tubs. I love the plastic baby food containers because they are clear (with no label) and have snap-on lids.

Step One
This receipe will make approximately 16 ounces of bath jelly. For firmer Jelly that you can slice, add 1 additional packet of gelatin to the above ingredients. Sliced jelly soap pictured below. I poured the gelatin/soap mixuture into square Tupperware containers, let set up and then gently removed from tray with a plastic spatula.

Step Two
In a bowl, add gelatin to boiling water. Slowly (and I mean slowly; you don't want to create a bunch of foam) stir until completely dissolved.

Step Three
Set the gelatin/water mixture aside. Using a glass measuring cup, melt the soap base on a low setting in the microwave. Be careful not to overheat.
Step Four
Allow melted soap to cool down a bit before adding fragrance and color.
Step Five
Pour melted soap into the gelatin/water mixture. Stir slowly and gently.
Step Six
Pour mixture into clean containers. Allow to set up in fridge until firm (3-5 hours).
Step Seven
Store any unused bath jelly in the fridge until ready to use. Like any gelatin, it will melt if stored at room temp.
Step Eight
NOTE: You can revise this recipe using liquid soap or bubble bath. Substitute 1/2 cup clear shower gel or bubble bath for the melt and our soap and reduce boiling water to 3/4 cups.

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