Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lush Report- My favorites so far!

OK, here we go. The very first thing I tried was the "Mange Too Massage Bar." They have these great massage bars that melt with the warmth of your hands. On the reviews that I watched, I found that alot of women use them as lotions. Its a little greasy at first but then it soaks right in. I use mine at night and rub it on my hands, elbows and feet. It has a very pleasant, light scent of honey and white chocolate.
This odd looking specimen is "Angels on Bare Skin." It is a cleanser and exfoliator. It smells very herby and natural. I wouldn't want the scent to stay on me, but the product is great! I really love the way it leaves my face feeling. Its kind of interesting to use. You just pinch off a little piece and then add a little water to it in the palm of your hand and work it into a paste.

I REALLY like this one! Its a solid shampoo called "Trichomania." I love the idea of the solid shampoo because it saves on packaging. One bar should last about 80 washes. I like the scent of this one. It is supposed to be coconut cream. This one is a shampoo and conditioner in one. I thought that I might still need to use a liquid conditioner, but I didn't. I was really happy with the way it left my hair feeling.

This is the "It's a Date Bubble Bar" You just break some off, (you can see where I took a chunk) and crumble it under the running water. They actually intend you to use the whole thing, but its not necessary. Especially if you have a jetted tub! This has a sweet and fruity scent and turns the water pink with rich thick bubbles! (And yes, that's a real date stuffed in the top!)

This is a Body Butter that used to be called "Buffy the Backside Slayer." They had to change the name, so now its just "Buffy." It is to be used in the shower and is both a moisturizer and EXTREME exfoliator. So go easy with it the first time you try it! It has ground almonds, rice and aduki beans and has a light lavender scent. You don't need to put lotion on when you get out because it leaves you nice and buttery. Just pat dry and it all soaks in!


Dina said...

It all looks and sounds so interesting. Are they all natural ingredients? I will have to look it up on their site.

Dina said...

Oh...did you get any of the deoderant to try out??? Just curious. I'm always looking for something natural that won't be a cause for breast cancer.

Deanna said...

Hi Dina, Am I suppossed to respond here? Remember, I'm new at this! I believe they are all natural or nearly so. I'd have to check for sure if they are 100% natural. It explains alot at You should definately check it out, It's a fun site! I didn't order any of the deodorant, but I am very curious!

Michelle said...

Ohmigosh, Lush is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. You gotta try their Godiva shampoo and Jungle conditioner - makes your hair smell good enough to eat! lol