Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twilight Night

OK, what did everybody think?

November 21, 12:01 am. We bought our tickets months ago and were so excited! All 8 theaters were rented out and when we were on our way out of the midnight showing, there was a group waiting to go in for a 2:40 showing. All of Utah and salt lake County was like that, and probably more. Over 75 theaters were rented out that night!

Melodie, me and Ileana

This is my friend Jeanney who had rented out the theater.

There was a raffle with tons of prizes! Ileana won the very best thing, I was so happy for her! It's a sterling silver charm bracelet with a charm representing each of the characters.


Dina said...

What were each of the charms??? I want to make one for my niece.

Deanna said...

OK Dina, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your question. I was being a bit lazy! Here are the charms:
Bella,an apple
Edward, a crystal heart
Jacob, a wooden wolf
Alice, a crystal ball
Jasper, sword (since he had been a soldier in his previous life.)
Rosalie, a mirror
Emmet, a bear
Esme, a stone that says "mother"
Carlisle, the medical symbol