Friday, May 29, 2009

Catching Up

Hello Everyone! I'm so sorry that I have slacked so long in posting. I will try once again, to do better. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have moved. Only about 20 minutes from where I was living with my parents, but what a difference!! I have a fabulous friend that is making this possible for me! It is a townhouse in a great little complex that I had just been finished when I first moved here to Utah. I remember looking at them and thinking, I would LOVE to live there!! Ta da! Here I am! I started taking pictures today so that I could post them, but then I forgot to take one of the front and from my back door. (A side note, I do not have a computer at the new place otherwise I would just take the pictures right now, and I would be up to date!! I have to come to my parent's to use the computer. So responses may be a bit slow. I'm hoping to save up for a laptop. Its a little lonely there with no internet or tv.) I guess I will go ahead and post the pics I did take.

This is view from the balcony off the kitchen. If you look through the space in the trees there is the river. You can see it much better in real life. It has such a lovely sound that I can hear with my windows open! I will take some more close up pictures soon. Also, that walking path goes a really long way both directions. To a lake one direction and into the canyon, the other. It is really well lit at night and Petey and I love to play out there. I also love to set my camp chairs right out there by the river. It brings my anxiety right down.

These are the trees right out back. I love them!

I kind of liked this picture of the other town homes to the right of me. I will take some pictures from the back and front of the house some throughout and then you will get a better look.

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Dina said...

It's like camping!!! I bet you love it!