Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've moved! & Prompt #8

OK, I've been busy moving and being exhausted and now as you must know, I'm even more behind than before! I did do some good art journaling last night, but I'm not sure if they are pages I would post. I will be heading over to the new place soon and will work on my prompt pages so that I can hurry and post my pics. I will also post pics of my new house!! Yay, so fun and beautiful! I'll take my camera over today.

OK, so Prompt #8 is: Married or Single.
Which ever one of these you are, do a page about it. What it means to you, pros, cons...
I'm excited to do this one!


lisaloveless said...

This is a bit frightening for me ....as I think about it, it seems that the pros and cons are the same, like:
1) Your Never Alone
2) You always have someone to share stuff with
3)You always have someone to help you make decisions

Ok this is causing stress, I think I better quite!

Deanna said...

Hi Lisa! I haven't been on here in ages, I was so excited to see you!! I'm going to update and start posting again. Everything got put on hold while I was in school!!